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Chiropractic Treatment

As a Chiropractor​ I treat many kinds of nuero-musculoskeletal conditions that effect the nervous system, bones, and muscles of the body.  Manipulative therapy can increase blood flow to injured tissue, supplying vital nutrients to the area, decreasing scar tissue formation, increasing range of motion and speeding recovery. 

Treatments can include

Manipulative therapies

Manipulative therapies can include massage, myofascial release and joint mobilization. 


Ultrasound and electric stimulation can be used to increase blood flow to the injured area and decrease pain and inflammation.


Exercise is a key ingredient in helping muscles maintain strength and flexibility. Specific exercises to target the injured area are important. In addition exercises and fitness that help prevent re-injury are essential.

Goals of recovery

I am a medically minded chiropractor. My goal in treatment is for patients to return function to the injured area as quickly as possible without a long commitment to care. 

Allison Resnick DC

phone 203-453-1051

fax  203-453-2010

47 Clapboard Hill Rd

Guilford, CT 06437

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